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Stemper & Associates gives me peace of mind. I never worry that I’ve missed something in our accounting or bookkeeping. There are no surprises at month or year-end, and I can focus totally on tasks that generate revenue for my business.”

—Maura Braun, Maura Braun Interior Design, Chicago

Monique created a financial process and infrastructure for us that we have followed for 10+ years. It’s the backbone of our business, and it enables us to prioritize our clients and our profitability.” 

—Mary Knape, Knape and Zibell Interior Design, Denver

"The minute I handed over my ordering, tracking, billing, and accounting to Monique; my business changed dramatically for the better. I can focus on my clients, profitability, and the best part….design.”  
​—Janice Fisher, JF Interiors, Denver

For small business owners who are not experts in accounting, Stasia is our ally. She translates our financial picture into layman’s terms, and frees us up to focus on our clients and design. The financial services she provides are simply essential to our success.” 

—Katherine Quigley, bossy color Annie Elliott Interior Design, Washington, DC

"Stasia is so quick and accurate, her work enables us to keep everything current. We are better able to assess our project profitability in real time. We can adapt our process and our approach to better serve our clients and increase our margins.”  —Sandy Widlitz, Interiors by Donna Hoffman, Yardley, PA 

"Working with Monique is like having a second pair of hands. It allows me to set apart the creative process from the financial management of my business. My clients like knowing that I have an efficient, seamless system in place for both their project design and budget."  —Beth Armijo, Armijo Design Group, Denver

We couldn’t operate without Stemper & Associates. With their accounting and financial support, our clients not only trust our creativity and design skills, but they trust that we are managing their project budget and watching their bottom line.  We are a more tightly run and profitable organization.”  

—Andrea Schumacher, Andrea Schumacher Interiors, Denver

"Working with Monique enables me to be more efficient in my business. She is trustworthy, accurate, honest, responsive and fast. I have more time with my clients, more time to design and more time to have a balanced life."

—Lane Oliver, Lane Elisabeth Oliver Interior Design, Denver

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